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Lee vs McArthur & Ors: The Gay Cake Case Analysed

We learnt this week you can both have your cake and eat it. That is, at least, if it’s gay cake. I’m speaking of course about the sexual discrimination appeal in Northern Ireland, Lee v McArthur & Ors. A difficult case indeed, as striking the balance between religious liberty and minority rights is an acutely … Continue reading

Undermining American Democracy: After Trump, what?

The fallout from the EU referendum result has at times become quite rancorous. Some politicians are refusing to consider the question settled; many are squabbling about what Brexit really means. It will, though, pale in comparison to the potential horror which awaits the world at the conclusion of the US presidential election.   Of the … Continue reading

Why AI will never be conscious

In Searle’s article Minds, Brains and Programs he says that a computer program (like strong AI) will never have understanding. He gives the example of the Chinese Room and that the room will never understand Chinese because it only manipulates the symbols (a highly simplified explanation). In the article, he gives anticipates the counter arguments of … Continue reading

Brexit Will Be a Catastrophe Unless Parliament Debates The Divorce

There is an inherent contradiction in the way Brexit is now being conducted. Brexit happened, if this Lord Ashcroft poll is to be believed, because of British concerns about sovereignty. Our fellow citizens had had enough of an illegitimate, undemocratic elite in Brussels. They believed, as I do, that the laws under which we live should … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Fifa: corruption and human rights violations in Qatar

Co-Authored – Francesco Rosso and Toby Lehain In December 2010 Qatar successfully bid to host the 22nd edition of the World Cup. The prestigious tournament, held on a quadrennial basis, represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Gulf state to show itself to the world, attract foreign investors, and boost its already shining economy. Yet, despite the … Continue reading

How did Polish people become the target of such hatred?

It is hard not to be sickened by the reports of anti-Polish hate crimes in recent weeks across the UK. The latest such incidents have been a succession of violent, unprovoked attacks against Poles – including a murder – but even the non-violent ones have been abhorrent: leaflets distributed demanding ‘no more Polish vermin’, for … Continue reading

Brexit: Why We Just Need To Get On With It

Politics and Finance are rarely seen as closely linked however, in one way they are inextricably linked; political stability generally means better currency valuations and investment levels. This is not to say you can not make changes, but it is generally better to resolve large economic movements as swiftly as possible and to not prevaricate. … Continue reading

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