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Henrietta Steventon.jpgHenrietta Steventon grew up in England and New Zealand, which equipped her with two passports and a nuanced, but rather seductive, accent. Henrietta is currently pursuing, and sometimes achieving, academic excellence at Columbia University where she is majoring in English. Her extra-curricular
endeavours include fencing, acting and playwriting. Henrietta debuted her original farce ‘Ennui: An English Comedy with a French Title for an American Audience’, last summer in New York. She will be performing her new stand up show ‘The Immoral High Ground’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August. She anticipates that most of her articles for The Student Post will be satirical, with the occasional serious piece on matters she feels particularly strongly about. She prays that her journalistic prowess will allow readers to differentiate between the two, but is not optimistic in this hope. 

Her Articles are available here