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St Andrew’s Contributors

Caspar EverettCaspar is a third year History and politics student at St Andrew’s University. Caspar found himself associating with New Labour and the politics of Tony Blair, but now describes himself as ‘moderate’ or a ‘progressive’. He’s recently been involved in campaign management in Scotland. His main interests include the politics of War, the Middle East, the Labour Party and Cricket.

His articles are available here

Francis NewmanFrancis delights in usually being the only science student at any political gathering he joins. His own political journey has led him to actively or passively support a wide and confusing array of political parties across various countries, until he realised that they’re all rather flawed now and he’d rather critique the whole lot from a small town on the east coast of Fife. His main interests include explaining why politicians should understand (and fund) the sciences, wondering why populism doesn’t work, and nerdily analysing voting patterns in elections. Francis was the Employability Officer at the St Andrews Student’s Association, is a competitive debater, plays the violin incessantly, and in his spare time does a degree in Theoretical Physics.

His articles will be available here