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Stellenbosch Contributors

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Kanyisile is currently a final year BA (Humanities) student at Stellenbosch University where she majors in Political Science and Philosophy. She is interested in political affairs and journalism and is striving towards a career in Broadcast Journalism. She is an intern at the Postgraduate and International Office at Stellenbosch University. She has been involved in campus media for the past years at Stellenbosch University . She enjoys reading and describes herself as a lifelong learner. Kanyisile hopes to run her own media company one day.

 Her articles will be available here

Willene Theart

Willene Grew up in a small South African west coast town and says she could safely play in the streets and knew very little of what was really going on in South Africa and the world.  She went to Paarl Gymnasium High School and is currently finishing her BA in Dramatic Arts and Theatre at Stellenbosch University where she specialises in Physical and Applied (Community) Theatre. She specifically enjoys working with children and making a difference. She is looking to continue Applied Theatre in the future, building on her experience with a voluntary group from an old age home. She says her childhood was conservative and has had a few eye opening moments in Stellenbosch with regards to racial consciousness and her position as a white female South African. In her spare time she attends a social Ballroom class and enjoys drinking wine with her friends and going out dancing.

Her articles are available here

Ian Louw.jpgIan is currently a third year Actuarial Science student at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He is passionate about Mathematics, Statistics and Finance. He practices this passion by exploring and making sense of complicated theories. Ian is most happy when he has an empty Excel sheet with a strong cup of coffee in front of him where he can be a “true artist” when exploring modelling possibilities. His fascination with markets and finance was a by-product of the credit crisis of 2008, which he reads about and does research on in his free time. Apart from finance, Ian is a keen golfer and he appreciates a glass of Cabernet from time to time.

His articles will be available here


Uwen Simmons.jpgUwen is studying a Bachelor of Accountancy at the University of Stellenbosch. He describes himself as an aspiring Chartered Accountant. He also states that “I am a child of the African soil.”

His articles will be available here


Jaco LouwJaco is a third year Philosophy, Linguistics and Afrikaans & Dutch student. He has published an anthology of poems in Afrikaans in 2013, but is currently working on getting his first novel published. His love for Philosophy started with Plato’s The Republic, and is currently hovering at Sartre and Camus. His goal in life is dependent on his mood, but at the moment it is to become a professor in Philosophy and to get his ideas published.

His articles are available here