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We are not doomed: A Trump Presidency is not the end of it all

In all honesty, the initial intention of this article was to focus on Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and the progresses of late to raise awareness for the epidemic. Upon reflection, however, some more pressing matters have caught my attention since the election of the U.S’ new President on Tuesday.

President-elect Trump will be inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. Holy crap. Donald Trump will be our new President. How did this happen?

It is easy to make projections about how he will serve the U.S, whether or not he will succeed or fail. It is less easy, however to remain hopeful about his four year-term.In the past two days alone, we have seen repeated civil protests all over the nation against the future Trump Presidency. Celebrities have taken to social media to encourage citizens to take action against hate and bigotry. Students and social activists alike are now starting riots all across the nation. What exactly is happening to the state of America?

The division of the United States will mean the destruction of a society that has over three hundred years of history. The breakdown of our democracy and republic society will mean a loss of three hundred years of riots, civil liberties and unimaginable sacrifice. We must not forget those who have sacrificed everything to give us our freedoms. Today is an important day in America. Veteran’s Day means appreciating the sacrifice and honor of those who have served in our nation’s military, those who have devoted their lives to our safety.

If we continue to protest the inauguration of our future President with such dishonor, we are essentially sending a message that it is OK to use violence to achieve our goals. We are blatantly disrespecting the freedoms given to us by others, are ignoring the sanctity of our nation.

Since the beginning of the Black Lives Matter Movement, citizens have take drastic measures to have their voices heard. Measures that include, burning the American Flag, vandalizing private property, and even assaulting authority figures. This is not the image that our forefathers had in mind when they signed the Constitution. They imagined a society built upon equality, freedom of speech, justice, and honor. This is not to say that the U.S exists without faults, as we obviously have room for improvement, but we have always been a great nation and will continue to be one. Violent-free protest is possible.

We must choose to rise above the mentality that our future leader is encouraging. We must choose love against hate, especially in the darkest of times. We must fight against racism, bigotry and exclusion, and remember to promote equality, love and inclusivity. America has always been great, we must not forget this. We will prevail, not because of our leader, but because of who we are together. We are stronger together, and our nation is not doomed.


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