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How sexism is entrenched in South Africa, or ‘Willene’s Thoughts: Part 1’

Call this what you want; a memoir, diary entry, a girl ranting, an open letter to the drunk Stellenbosch brah. I honestly don’t care, but I do feel like sharing this and possibly starting a series. So, let’s just call it Willene’s thoughts: Part 1 Let me tell you something that really ground my gears. A … Continue reading

An Increase in Tuition Fees is Actually Better for Equality 

The tuition fees system in the UK seems to be the single most misunderstood policy in the last century. It drives hordes of angry, protesting and often left-wing students to ironically complain about what is perhaps the most proportional and progressive policy in the country. The current loan scheme hits the wealthiest graduates the most … Continue reading

‘To govern is to choose’, however agonising the choice.

Politicians would be well advised to be keen students of history. Had David Cameron, the former prime minister, been so he may have avoided two of the blunders which (along with the EU referendum result) prematurely terminated his premiership: failing, unlike Harold Wilson in the plebiscite he called under not dissimilar circumstances, to broadly stay … Continue reading

Free Education to Fight Back Crime In South Africa

My thesis is the following: Crime rates decrease drastically when education levels rise. If this premise is even partially correct, is it not an obligation to try and educate a nation? In a country like South Africa where crime rates seem to only climb year-on-year, the decrease in education is evident. The following article will thus be an … Continue reading

The Alternative to the Alternative – Germany’s Far Right

Germany’s new far right party is facing itself and reality The “AfD” (Alternative for Germany), Germany’s new far right party, is shifting its focus and beginning to split because of it. When it was founded by a group of university professors to oppose one of the bailouts for Greece during the height of the Euro … Continue reading

Who’s Who: UKIP’s Leadership Election 2016

After Farage’s resignation last month, nominations for the UKIP leadership election opened on 11th July and closed on 31st in great controversy, with the favourite Steven Woolfe missing the deadline and his appeal being majorly rejected by the party’s NEC. Campaigning will run throughout this month, with a series of hustings and media appearances. Ballot … Continue reading

#JeSuisMilo Part Two: Twitter Strikes Back

Despite the unprecedented media firestorm surrounding this year’s Trumpian Republican National convention, Milo Yiannopoulos, the most fabulous supervillain on the internet (his words, not mine) managed to tangentially squeeze his way into the headlines via Twitter kerfuffle with Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters (A Democratic National Convention sponsor) fame. For the benefit of those that missed … Continue reading

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