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I Have Corporations and Money Replaced Religion?

This may sound like a piece about the materialisation of society and a lament at a loss of values. However, this is nothing of the sort. I am actually trying to rationalise the decline of religion and superstition by trying to look at what is perhaps the very essence of what separates homo sapiens from … Continue reading

How did Polish people become the target of such hatred?

It is hard not to be sickened by the reports of anti-Polish hate crimes in recent weeks across the UK. The latest such incidents have been a succession of violent, unprovoked attacks against Poles – including a murder – but even the non-violent ones have been abhorrent: leaflets distributed demanding ‘no more Polish vermin’, for … Continue reading

Brexit: Why We Just Need To Get On With It

Politics and Finance are rarely seen as closely linked however, in one way they are inextricably linked; political stability generally means better currency valuations and investment levels. This is not to say you can not make changes, but it is generally better to resolve large economic movements as swiftly as possible and to not prevaricate. … Continue reading

The Legacy of Apartheid in Modern South Africa: Language Barriers

The word “apartheid” comes with a big, bad history and even worse connotations. No one wants to talk about it publicly for the fear of being scorned. With the eradication of apartheid, everyone lived in the euphoria of post-apartheid, but a lot of things got looked over. One of these things is the national language policy. … Continue reading

The Wrecking Balls of Brexit and Trump Are Killing the Mediocre Mainstream.

No two moments will better encapsulate this idea or the last few months then David Cameron’s triumphantly hummed ditty following his resignation and Chris Christie’s tragic expression standing behind his former opponent and endorsement for President, Donald Trump. Continue reading

Interview – Alan Whitehead MP on his support for Owen Smith, and his decision to resign.

Thanks to Lucy Baston for conducting this interview. “Shadow cabinet meetings were a bit of a strange affair of Jeremy just gathering people together and people saying their bit, and Jeremy just saying ‘thank you’ and departing.”- Alan Whitehead on his support for Owen Smith, and his decision to resign. With a wealth of experience … Continue reading

How sexism is entrenched in South Africa, or ‘Willene’s Thoughts: Part 1’

Call this what you want; a memoir, diary entry, a girl ranting, an open letter to the drunk Stellenbosch brah. I honestly don’t care, but I do feel like sharing this and possibly starting a series. So, let’s just call it Willene’s thoughts: Part 1 Let me tell you something that really ground my gears. A … Continue reading

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